A lot of us as early Akita breeders started to look into the small dog of Japan, the Shiba Inu. At that time it was thought to be a miniature Akita. Oh how wrong that all was. the Shiba in fact being part of the forerunner to the Akita Breed and the Shiba being very much a primitive breed.

This is "Scooter" a red female and our very first Shiba.
Her JKC registered name was Shosha no Sarasu Kitsune Drift of Shosha Shibas. What a mouthfull that was, so we called her "Scooter".  Little did people realize that our early Shibas, sometimes had as many as 6 different  sets of papers, and it was a long process in getting them first AKC registered then fianally CKC registered. I was on the ground floor of all of this. I also put out the first Shiba newsletter for Canada as well.